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Nike Run Club App: How To Get Support

In my first blog, I mentioned I'm using the Nike Run Club (NRC) iPhone app to motivate my running. The app's most compelling features are "guided runs" which keep me coming back for more.

The NRC app however is not without its shortcomings, including issues posting data to the Apple Health app, losing control of accompanying music, and inability to share accomplishments with your contacts. I had been suffering through these problems and searched for ways to send bug reports to Nike without luck - until now, that is.

Twitter (which I seldom use), turns out to be my salvation. You can get personalized help at @NikeSupport by sending a direct message with your issue. Within hours, I got a prompt reply from a real human being, complete with suggestions and an offer to deliver additional support.

As of this date, @NikeSupport has under 700 Twitter followers, so it's likely you'll get prompt attention if this number stays relatively small. Software developers rely on geeky people like me to provide technical feedback, and if you're that type, step up and report your issues. It can only lead to a more awesome product, and maybe even more running!

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